History and Programs

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  • Eway Entertainment Group is a California-based hybrid company, founded in 2010, to assist developing artists with engineering, marketing, and distributing their artistic creations, while maintaining 100% ownership of their rights and royalties. Eway is able to provide creators with personalized service and maximum industry exposure.
  • Eway is more than Entertainment! Eway Foundation was founded in response to the Board of Directors’commitment to Human Rights and Social Justice. Eway Music & Film offers goods and services in the form of custom production, marketing, distribution plans, and custom packages. Whether the goal is to build a local fan base, or to explore the global market through digital distribution, Eway utilizes “know how“, hard work, and dedication to get the job done.
  • Eway Films is currently in production of Paved in Gold, a documentary highlighting conflict minerals and global dependency on natural resources. Any products and services we offer, and those of our partners and sponsors, must be  “Conflict Mineral Free .”
  • In May 2011, Peace Learning, a documentary highlighting the programs and services of our partner organization Peace Learning Center, was submitted to the  Heartland Film Festival. The goal was to promote contemporary conflict resolution strategies in traditional education. In January 2012, Eway, Peace Learning Center, and BullySafe USA, formed an official partnership to facilitate Anti-bullying/LGBT activities in public and private education systems in Indiana and California. Eway Global Media & Technologies was created to deliver services ranging from Virtual Education software, to Smartphone Technology developed to increase global citizen participation in Ethical Citizen Media  .
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Eway Foundation

  • As part of our social responsibility, eighty percent of Eway Entertainment Groups’ proceeds subsidize the philanthropic and humanitarian ventures of Eway Foundation, thus the hybrid structure. Our current programs are: Ethical Citizen Media, Peace Education, Technology Training, and Cultural Arts Exchange. 
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Ethical Citizen Media

Promoting a universal culture of peace by increasing access to new innovations in technology and information services.

  • The use of modern technology and the Internet has made access to information easier. People in under-served populations throughout the world have limited access to credible information -creating obstacles and limitations to influence change.
  • Ethical Citizen Media training offers groups of individuals certification in reporting, recording, and broadcasting news and events – using social media and the most modern technology – such as smartphones and digital cameras. Eway’s Ethical Citizen Media increases citizen participation in marginalized cultures.
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Peace Education

  • Peace Education has become a popular topic of conversation among educators throughout the world. Traditional education practices have distanced the student. Modern instruction should incorporate empathy and ownership into modern conflict resolution strategies. New methods such as digital technology empower students in schools and communities. Through a partnership with Peace Learning Center and Bully Safe USA, Eway brings a new idea -the use of technology (social media, SMS, and mobile devices) to Anti-bullying and violence prevention in education programs.
  • Peace education is a participatory holistic process that includes teaching for and about democracy and human rights, nonviolence, social and economic justice, gender equality, environmental sustainability, disarmament, traditional peace practices, international law, and human security”. (Hague Appeal for Peace, 2005). Conflict Resolution Education is typically understood to focus on the local/domestic level while the focus of Peace Education is generally more global in perspective. Peace Education also “has a stronger emphasis on social justice orientations and larger systemic issues of violence than conflict education programs” (Jones, 2004).
  • Peace Learning, the movie, is available to students, parents and educators. The documentary serves as a great tool for classroom and virtual instruction. Connect to a HDMI on a High Definition television for large audience viewing. Connect the USB and make this *Conflict Resolution Education tool a part of your classroom lesson.


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Technology Training

  • Eway Global Media & Technologies offers training and certification in Internet Technology, Software and Application Development, and Social Media Engineering. Participants in training receive hands on instruction in basic computer operations, and smartphone application design for Android and iOS.
  • Eway engineer apprentices are developing hybrid technology for motor sports. Students are also working on a medical smartphone device for use in rural communities as part of eHealth. Students in the Anti-bullying/LGBT Train-the-Trainer program are developing social media platforms to end cyber-bullying.
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Cultural Arts Exchange

  • Each year, Eway Foundation sponsors activities of youth with various interests. In 2010, Eway sponsored developing artists by financing their studio time and production costs. In 2012, we will sponsor our first race car driver.
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International Network Project

  • We are currently developing a worldwide platform for user members to share, barter, purchase, and co-create music and film projects. This independent artist support is a FREE service E-label available through information and links on our website.
  • The Cultural Arts Exchange program has over 50 participants from over 20 different countries. Participants share through virtual interaction ;social media, Skype, Twitter, and Google+ Hangouts. In the summer of 2012, a small group of program participants, their families, community members, and donors will travel to other members’ countries in order to gain insight into their heritages and ways-of-life.
  • At Eway, our mission is to serve as a conduit for artisans to share their creative innovations with the world. Our goal is to create a new foundation in the entertainment industry upon which others may build. Eway remains socially responsible by sponsoring the dreams of youth through Youth Development initiatives made possible by an investment from Eway Foundation.


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