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Eway Entertainment & Foundation

World’s Only Full-service Nonprofit Entertainment Company

Create A Universal Culture

Founded in 2010 as the “World’s Only Full-service Nonprofit Entertainment Company”, Eway Entertainment & Foundation assists artists with maintaining 100% ownership of their copyrights. Eway donates more than 80% of its annual profits to support the humanitarian and philanthropic programs. To date, Eway Entertainment and Foundation, Inc. has served more than 200,000 beneficiaries worldwide. We also provide production, marketing, distribution, and management services to independent and established artists. Whether your goal is to build a local fan base, or become the world's next superstar, Eway is your Expressway to entertainment. Through our actions, we help "Create a Universal Culture of Peace."

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Although entertainment is our industry, our objective is to Create a Universal Culture of Peace -through the Arts and Humanities. Eway Music joint-ventures include collaborations with Executive Music Group, and Twenty4Seven Magazine. We have worked with acts such as Yettee Gang of Indianapolis, AJ-One of Senegal, Alternative Rock bands like Alien Ant Farm, and R&B singer/actor Khleo Thomas. We are always looking for fresh talent. Don't worry. You don't have to be an A-List artist for us to work with you. Eway was founded to help independent artists jump-start their careers.

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Eway Global Media & Technologies sales Conflict Free electronics and devices. We believe in order to be peaceful, we have to be the change we wish to see in the world. All proceeds from the sale of Eway products and services help advance the mission of our organization. For more information about "Conflict Free" products and minerals visit: www.raisehopeforcongo.org. www.enoughproject.org.

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Film & Literature

Eway Productions & Publishing is our in-house division offering professional services. We work closely with independent cinematographers to deliver quality movies and videos in HD or 4K. Do you need a commercial to promote your business or product? Submitting your documentary to a film festival? We also assist with marketing, distribution, and advertising. Our signature "Digital Press Kits" are perfect for individuals following their passions. Need a cinematic trailer? Contact us. Need self-publishing assistance? We can help. Freelance journalists are featured in our publications, and on multiple media platforms.

Eway In Action

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Eway Foundation works with global partners to provide youth with service learning activities that foster empathy; and promote education. Our programs focus on the Environment, Women, Arts, and Youth.

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In partnership with groups such as Peace Learning Center, and Dolphin Anti-rape and AIDS Outreach Organization, Eway implements conflict resolution and Restorative Justice initiatives.

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Eway Global Media & Technologies

Eway Global Media & Technologies (EGMT) is the media division of Eway Entertainment & Foundation, Inc. EGMT offers "Conflict-Free" hardware and software. So , when you make your purchase, you can be guilt- free. All of our manufacturers a socially-responsible vendors.

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Citizen Media

“The idea behind Ethical Citizen Media is that people without professional journalism training can learn to use the tools of modern technology. In addition, ECM is used during the annual "Cultural Arts Exchange" to broadcast live performances, and promote independent artists.