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Eway Global Technologies

Welcome to our online store. With each purchase you make a conscious decision to protect the environment and people in it. We source our products from manufactures who are committed to preserving natural resources and minerals. In this day and age where more than 80% of the world depends on electronics for work, communication, and leisure, sourcing and sustainability are often overlooked. We know people need electronics, so we are part of the change we wish to see in the world.

As part of our social responsibility, our goal is to reduce the carbon footprint left in nature. Eway Global Technologies only sells products from companies who are committed to protecting the environment and humanity. A portion of your purchase supports Eway Entertainment & Foundation operations and projects. In 2014, we raised more than $4,000 to support incarcerated youth in the Indiana Department of Correction. In 2017, Eway will develop Video Encoding Training for college students studying cinematography and motion picture production.

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