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Eway Foundation

Eway Foundation fosters the talents and skills of youth in the Arts & Humanities. Each year budget supports programs around the world, and provides sponsorship and scholarships to youth. By doing so, we fulfill our mission of Creating a Universal Culture of Peace through the Arts and Humanities.


We believe everything we do is because of our relationship with nature and the Environment. Each year, we host or sponsor at least one event focused on making the Earth a better place for all of us. In 2014, we adopted a portion of Will Rogers Beach in Santa Monica, and sponsored a clean-up. We also limit our paper-use, and recycle every chance we can.

Cultural Arts Exchange

The Cultural Arts Exchange is an annual event started in 2010, to bring artisans from cultures around the world. Through music, art, dance, and technology, thousands of people from around the world share ideas and heritage. Each year the event grows. Live broadcasts and real-time social media allow attendees to engage with others over a three day period. If you or your organization is interested in participating or sponsoring a Cultural Arts event, contact Darren Bunton at 1+317-203-9291.


Eway Foundation works with other NGO’s to provide youth with service learning activities that foster empathy; and promote education.

Eway has trained thousands around the world in Ethical Citizen Media (ECM). Graduates of the ECM Certification Program are paired with professional journalists with the possibility of securing employment.

Eway Media & Global Technologies (EGMT) is a media company which broadcasts newsworthy events.  EGMT assists with media operations and communications. We utilize the “Ethical Citizen Journalist/Media”model which evolved as an innovation project through  Ashoka Changemakers.


Eway Media & Global Technologies is developing a device that will increase Communication Technology (ICT) in health care. The project will enable professionals and patients to scan parts of the body using smartphones and upload X-rays to a cloud. The aim of Eway mobile technology is to improve medical services to under-served, rural communities.

Social Responsibility

Our commitment to Women, the Environment, Innovation and Technology, and Art is all part of our Social Responsibility. The reason we became the “World’s First Nonprofit Company”, was to enlighten others. In the process, it’s been fun and educational. Part of our own Service Learning.

Our partner, AJVDC (Association de Jeunes Visionnaires pour le Développement du Congo) is a Youth Volunteer Peace Group, located in Eastern of Congo, legal registered in Democratic Republic of Congo, North Kivu Province, Goma City. AJVDC ‘s youth civic engagement framework, promotes youth entrepreneurship, peace, reconciliation and community resiliency in Eastern of Congo. We are proud to assist AJVDC with their great work.




Peace Learning CenterIn 2011 the Eway production team made Peace Learning, a documentary highlighting programs of Peace Learning Center. The film shows how conflict resolution reduces violence. Watch the movie and enjoy!