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Product Return Policy

Eway Global Media & Technologies (EGMT) is the media division of Eway Entertainment Group, LLC. EGMT produces webcasts, internet radio broadcasting, and social media campaigns for individuals, small business, and large corporations. If you need application development, or you’re interested in running a media campaign, EGMT can help you reach your goals. As a certified Microsoft Network partner, our professional technicians make sure your technological needs are met. EGMT is youth-driven, and all proceeds from our online store benefit Youth Techs activities. Follow Youth Techs on Twitter.

Return Policy

As part of our promise and commitment to “Creating a Universal Culture of Peace”, if you purchase any electronics or software from Eway Global Media & Technologies and you are not 100% satisfied,  fully satisfied with your purchase, we will assist you with a replacement, return or repair. Our hardware, computer products, and some software is sourced from third-party manufacturers (Microsoft, Dell, HP etc.) If you experience physical or technical problems with your device or equipment, we with our internal technical department, as well as the manufacturer to solve your problem.

How to Return an Item

Gather the purchases you want to return, along with the original contents and packaging.

Return by Mail via the Carrier of Your Choice

Place the Refund Request Form and a copy of your original order receipt in the box with your return. If you do not have your order receipt, you may retrieve a copy by looking up Your Order. If you can’t locate your order, print a blank form and fill it out. Then, place the completed form in the box with your return. Place the return label on the package, add postage, and mail it via the carrier of your choice.

With a few exceptions, we will reimburse you for returned items in the same way you paid for them. You can also exchange your product for a different product of equal or greater value or the same item.

Returns by Mail

Once we receive your return, we will start processing the refund it within 2–3 business days. If you paid with a credit or debit card issued by a bank or credit card company, processing depends on your bank’s or company’s policies. Processing time may take up to 7 days after we begin processing the return. It may take 7-10 days to reflect on your account.

If you paid more than $1000 with a credit or debit card, or more than $500 by check or by a debit card without a major credit card (Visa, American Express, Master Card, Discover), we will refund you by check within 10 business days. Any amounts deducted from a gift card will be credited to the gift card. All refund questions may be directed to Eway Global Media & Technologies at 1+317-203-9291.